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Xavi SR


AGE: 2023
HEIGHT: estimated 166cm
GENDER: stallion
COAT: Buckskin
under 10’000eur

Xavi is an outstanding colt born in the summer of 2023. He is graced with wonderful expression and good natural balance in all three gaits. We recommend this striking young boy as an great investment for the future – we expect him to become a lovely dressage prospect. The dressage aptitude is clearly inborn in this youngster! His movements are ground-covering, uphill, elastic and expressive. His inherent suppleness and freedom of shoulder are exactly the qualities you look for.

Xavi with his mother Macarena

Xavi’s pedigree is a synthesis of excellence from Yeguada Senillosa’s maternal line, highlighted by Carlo-Seni, and the notable Desdemono-N in his paternal line. The inclusion of a buckskin stallion as his father adds an intriguing visual element to the genetic mix. This combination of esteemed bloodlines and diverse traits positions Xavi as a horse with a pedigree rooted in quality, tradition, and the potential for contributing positively to the Pura Raza Española breed.

Maternal Line:

  • Black Mare from Yeguada Senillosa: Xavi’s maternal line traces back to Yeguada Senillosa, and through this line, he inherits the legacy of Carlo-Seni, a distinguished stallion with the title of “Reproductor Calificado.” This designation signifies Carlo-Seni’s recognition for meeting high breeding standards and contributing positively to the breed.

Paternal Line:

  • Desdemono-N (Reproductor Calificado): Xavi’s grandfather, Desdemono-N, adds further prestige to the pedigree with his title of “Reproductor Calificado.” This accolade indicates a history of meeting high-quality breeding standards, contributing to the improvement of the Pura Raza Española.
  • Buckskin Stallion (Father): Xavi’s father, a buckskin stallion, introduces a distinctive coat color to the pedigree, contributing to the overall visual appeal and potential for passing on unique genetic traits.


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