The transport is a very important aspect after purchasing a horse which always causes a lot of doubts for the customers who have purchased their dream horse.
We offer our experience and support in arranging this process.

We may explain a bit about the handling:
🗹 For transporting a horse within the E.U. we initiate the required documentation at the official veterinarian offices. For this documentation process a time span of 72 hours is usually required before the horses will be picked up for the transport. The vet controls the health of the mentioned horse and the loading process.

After loading the transport takes usually between three and six days depending on the final destination.
🗹 For transports to America, Asia and Australia the documentation must be submitted as well at the official offices but in these cases the required documents and vet checks depend on whether you would like to transport a mare, a young or castrated horse or a stallion that already does have offspring. Also some destinations require quarantine periods and special vet checks before the horse can enter the country.

If you need veterinary exams we can bring you in contact with equine specialists to realize the examinations you require. Also we can arrange to transmit the x-rays and reports to the vet of your confidence.
If you ask for it we can record the flexion test during the exam and send the videos to you. Because not all of our clients come to our Farms around the glove, to see the horse they would like to purchase themselves, we offer this service to make the sales process as transparent as possible.

Occasionally import- export regulations between some countries demand special analysis of the horse. One of the recommended laboratories in Europe is BOESE in Germany.