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Samurai de Lotus


AGE: 2022
HEIGHT: 150cm
GENDER: stallion
COAT: Double Cream
LEVEL: ground work
under 10’000 eur

Samurai is one of our sweet home-bred stallions. Growing up in the company of other horses of his age, Samurai forged deep connections with his fellow companions. The friendship among the young horses instilled in his sense of community and a playful spirit. Together, they explored the expansive pastures, raced through the open spaces, and shared the joys of youthful exuberance.

The tranquility of Cordoba’s fields provided an ideal backdrop for Samurai’s early development, allowing him to thrive in an environment that encouraged both physical and emotional well-being. The open spaces allowed him to move freely, honing the grace and agility that now define his movements. The companionship added a social dimension to his upbringing, shaping him into the kind and sweet natured stallion he is today.

MontaƱes, father of Samurai

His father, MontaƱes, is a Smoky Grullo stallion, contributes both his lineage and possibly his own exceptional qualities to Samurai’s genetic makeup. Smoky Grullo is a coat color that often presents as a diluted black with a distinct smoky appearance, adding depth and richness to Samurai’s ancestry.

Rubi VP, Samurai’s mother, is a sweet mare, suggesting not only a gentle temperament but also her role in passing down certain traits, both physical and temperamental, to Samurai. His unique heritage and the care taken in his breeding suggest that he may possess a blend of qualities that make him both visually striking and potentially talented in various equestrian disciplines like dressage or working equitation.


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