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Belgian Warmblood
ground work
25 000-40 000 eur

Vrodigy is an exceptional jumping horse with a remarkable pedigree that speaks volumes about his impressive lineage and potential in the world of show jumping.

Vrodigy’s sire, Parfait Van Het Schaek, is a highly-regarded stallion known for his exceptional jumping ability and strong conformation. Parfait’s talent in the arena is further underscored by the fact that his father is none other than the legendary Comme Il Faut, a name synonymous with top-tier show jumping. Comme Il Faut’s influence in the equestrian world is nothing short of iconic, with a legacy of remarkable achievements in international competitions.

Delving deeper into Vrodigy’s pedigree, one finds an array of illustrious names that have left an indelible mark in the world of equestrian sports. Cornet Obolensky, known for his extraordinary athleticism and agility, is a prominent ancestor, contributing to Vrodigy’s potential to clear formidable obstacles with grace and power. Diamant de Semilly, another renowned name in the show jumping world, adds further prestige to Vrodigy’s lineage. Diamant de Semilly’s offspring are celebrated for their aptitude in high-level jumping competitions.

The lineage continues with Thunder Van de Zuuthoeve, known for his striking presence and impressive jumping technique. Argentinus, a stallion celebrated for his exceptional progeny, imparts strength and finesse to Vrodigy’s genetic makeup. Lastly, Clinton, a stallion with a remarkable career in international show jumping, adds to Vrodigy’s heritage of athleticism and competitiveness.

Vrodigy’s pedigree is a testament to his potential in the world of show jumping. With a lineage rich in talent, athleticism, and success, Vrodigy carries the legacy of champions, making him a promising and formidable competitor in the world of equestrian sports. His remarkable bloodline is sure to captivate enthusiasts and spectators alike, as they witness the culmination of generations of excellence in the form of Vrodigy, the jumping horse with an extraordinary pedigree.




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