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AGE: 2021
BREED: Belgian Warmblood
HEIGHT: 170cm
GENDER: Stallion
LEVEL: groundwork
25’000 – 40’000 eur

Vrodigy is an exceptional show jumping horse, showcasing a pedigree steeped in the lineage of renowned stallions renowned for their excellence in the sport. Born to the highly-regarded stallion Parfait Van Het Schaek, Vrodigy inherits a combination of exceptional jumping ability and strong conformation. Parfait’s lineage, tracing back to the legendary Comme Il Faut, adds an iconic touch to Vrodigy’s genetic makeup, setting the stage for high expectations in the competitive world of show jumping.

With a rich genetic background comprising champions and influencers, Vrodigy embodies the promise of success in the equestrian arena. His striking presence, combined with the potential inherited from generations of top-tier performers, positions him as a promising and formidable competitor. Vrodigy’s pedigree is a tapestry woven with the threads of equestrian excellence, tracing back to a lineage of remarkable stallions renowned for their prowess in show jumping.

Parfait Van Het Schaek, father of Vrodigy

Vrodigy’s pedigree is a testament to his potential in the show jumping arena, carrying the legacy of champions through generations. With a rich lineage featuring iconic names and a history of success, Vrodigy emerges as a promising and formidable competitor, poised to captivate enthusiasts and spectators alike with his extraordinary pedigree and jumping prowess.

  • Sire: Parfait Van Het Schaek Vrodigy’s sire, Parfait Van Het Schaek, is a highly regarded stallion distinguished for his exceptional jumping ability and strong conformation. Notably, Parfait’s lineage connects to the legendary Comme Il Faut, an iconic name synonymous with top-tier show jumping and international success.
  • Ancestors:
    • Comme Il Faut: A legendary stallion with an iconic legacy in international competitions, influencing the world of show jumping at the highest levels.
    • Cornet Obolensky: Known for extraordinary athleticism and agility, contributing to Vrodigy’s potential in clearing obstacles with grace and power.
    • Diamant de Semilly: A renowned name in show jumping, adding prestige to Vrodigy’s lineage with a reputation for producing high-level jumping offspring.
    • Thunder Van de Zuuthoeve: Noted for his striking presence and impressive jumping technique.
    • Argentinus: Celebrated for exceptional progeny, imparting strength and finesse to Vrodigy’s genetic makeup.
    • Clinton: A stallion with a remarkable career in international show jumping, contributing to Vrodigy’s heritage of athleticism and competitiveness.


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