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AGE: 2009
HEIGHT: 160cm
GENDER: Stallion
COAT: Grey
LEVEL: schoolmaster
25’000 – 40’000 eur

Excalibur, a top-quality Lusitano licensed breeding stallion, with an illustrious lineage originating from Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza. With a remarkable show record, Excalibur has demonstrated his versatility by giving a show with a 9-year-old child, showcasing not only his talent but also his trustworthiness and adaptability. His confidence in the dressage arena is truly impressive, and he maintains his composure, proving to be a reliable and honest partner for his rider.

Excalibur’s repertoire includes the performance of all Grand Prix exercises, highlighting his advanced skill set. As a true gentleman, he approaches his work with eagerness to please, making every day’s training a joyful experience. This exceptional horse is considered an ideal choice for a young rider class or an amateur rider with competition ambitions, offering a combination of performance excellence and a reliable, patient nature.

Excalibur, exercising piaff

Schooling Grand Prix exercises, Excalibur serves as a perfect schoolmaster, providing valuable guidance and support for riders looking to hone their skills at the highest levels. Whether in the arena or the breeding shed, Excalibur stands as a testament to the excellence synonymous with the Lusitano breed, offering riders an exceptional partner for both learning and competing.

  • Grandfather: E-NABO (from NILO – Manuel Tavares Veiga): The presence of E-NABO in Excalibur’s pedigree establishes a connection to Manuel Tavares Veiga’s breeding program. NILO, as the sire, is known for transmitting strength, athleticism, and the traditional Lusitano characteristics that make the breed excel in various disciplines.
  • Another Ancestor: NOGUEIRA (from Das Silveiras): The inclusion of NOGUEIRA from Das Silveiras further enhances the richness of Excalibur’s heritage. Das Silveiras is recognized for its commitment to breeding Lusitanos with a focus on elegance and functionality, contributing to the overall quality of the bloodline.


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