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Daturo II


AGE: 2006
HEIGHT: 166cm
GENDER: gelding
COAT: Grey
LEVEL: Grand Prix
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Daturo, a truly exceptional PRE gelding that presents a unique opportunity for riders seeking a Grand Prix-ready partner with a proven competition track record. Daturo has not only participated in several Grand Prix competitions and championships but has also showcased his talents on a global stage, making his way to Tokyo for the 2020 Paralympics.

What sets Daturo apart is not just his physical prowess but also his skill set. He confidently commands all Grand Prix movements, demonstrating a willingness to perform at the highest level. His strong nerves and ability to keep his cool in the dressage arena make him a reliable and honest partner for his rider.

Daturo II at Paralympics in Tokyo, 2020

Described as a FEI schoolmaster, Daturo is an ideal candidate for an Adult Amateur, lady riders, or young riders looking to earn their medals with a trustworthy and accomplished partner. With Daturo, the prospect of a happy and successful riding journey becomes a reality, thanks to his impressive credentials, championship experience, and the undeniable qualities that make him a remarkable equine companion.

  • As a product of Yeguada Militar, Daturo likely carries the genetic legacy of carefully selected stallions and mares that have contributed to the breed’s distinctive characteristics. These may include traits such as athleticism, versatility, and the enduring spirit that has long defined the Spanish horse.
  • The presence of Yeguada Militar in Daturo’s pedigree not only speaks to his distinguished lineage but also highlights the commitment to preserving and perpetuating the qualities for which Yeguada Militar is celebrated. This background adds depth and significance to Daturo’s heritage, making him not only a Grand Prix-ready performer but also a horse with a storied lineage rooted in the rich traditions of Spanish horsemanship.


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