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Cayetana CS


AGE: 2021
HEIGHT: 157cm
GENDER: mare
COAT: Black
LEVEL: ground work
10’000 – 15’000 eur

Cayetana is one of our sweet mares bred on fields of Cordoba, where she was lovingly raised in the embrace of nature. Growing up in the company of other mares of her age, Cayetana forged deep connections with her fellow companions. The friendship among the young horses instilled in her sense of community and a playful spirit. Together, they explored the expansive pastures, raced through the open spaces, and shared the joys of youthful exuberance.

The tranquility of Cordoba’s fields provided an ideal backdrop for Cayetana’s early development, allowing her to thrive in an environment that encouraged both physical and emotional well-being. The open spaces allowed her to move freely, honing the grace and agility that now define her movements. The companionship of her fellow mares added a social dimension to her upbringing, shaping her into the kind and sweet natured mare she is today.

Ermitaño III, an ELITE grandfather of Cayetana

The combination of these illustrious names in Cayetana’s pedigree not only speaks to her physical prowess but also to the rich legacy of the horses that came before her. Each name represents a chapter in the story of Spanish equestrian excellence, contributing to the unique tapestry of qualities that define Cayetana as a young mare of exceptional promise and pedigree.

  1. Jubiloso XCVI: Her sire, Jubiloso XCVI, stands as a beacon of quality, passing down not only his impressive physical traits but also his exceptional temperament. Jubiloso XCVI’s lineage is a testament to a legacy of excellence, making him a formidable presence in the world of equine breeding.
  2. Ermitaño III (ELITE): Delving further into Cayetana’s ancestry, her grandfather, Ermitaño III, adds a touch of regal heritage to her bloodline. Known for his noble lineage and noteworthy achievements, Ermitaño III contributes to Cayetana’s genetic tapestry, imparting a legacy of strength and charisma.
  3. Teodolito (Yeguada Militar): Among her esteemed ancestors is Teodolito from Yeguada Militar, a name synonymous with the storied history of Spanish horse breeding. This distinguished lineage brings a legacy of purpose and resilience, further enriching Cayetana’s heritage.


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